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In-Shore Fishing
This type of fishing is open to people of all ages and it goes on all through the year. This fishing activity is done on shallow waters of 5 metres deep and below, the breeding ground of small fish and at the same time you'll have a magnificent view of the coral reefs.

As you are doing your fishing, you will also have a view of the beautiful beach hotels doting the white sandy beaches and also big cargo and passenger ships docking or leaving the Kilindini Harbor. You will also be in a position to witness the traditional fishermen carrying on their activities in a way that has been passed through numerous generations. While at this, you will be served with soft drinks and fruits on board. Our most experienced lifesavers and divers are in hand for any type of emergencies. Everyone on board will also be given a life jacket and our boats are fully licensed, equipped and insured.

The package includes:

Professional team (captain plus crew)

Duration Cost (KSh)
4 Hrs 10,000

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