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Until our society makes the internet safe for kids, parents must be proactive in teaching what pornography is, why it’s dangerous and exactly how to reject it. The good news is that you CAN DO it!
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Help & Heal

Help Your Child Heal from Porn Exposure or Addiction
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Kristen A. Jenson, Author of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures
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We’re Here to Help You

Led by Kristen A. Jenson, author of the best-selling Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of children’s books, Protect Young Minds™ (PYM) seeks to help parents “porn-proof” their kids before they come across highly addictive and easily accessible internet pornography.

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Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids (Second Edition)
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A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds
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Transformers G1 Scourge 1986 Box Read Description We have often turned to Protect Young Minds for what we consider to be the most useful and clinically sound prevention information out there. Dan Garner, LMHA

CCTP, Recovering Hope Counseling

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I recently surveyed a group of parents to discover the reasons they avoid discussions about pornography with children.  One of the top responses was, “I’m afraid I’ll make my child uncomfortable.” This surprised me at first! But as I reflected on my own parenting, I...

ONE PIECE - Variable Action Heroes - Nami Punk Hazard Figura De Acción Megahouse 4 Misunderstood Signs of Child Abuse: A Sexual Assault Nurse Speaks Up

4 Misunderstood Signs of Child Abuse: A Sexual Assault Nurse Speaks Up

People naturally want to see evidence of damage done from an accident or a crime. Whether it’s the smashed front end of a car from a wreck, or a bruised eye after an argument, we want to see the wound, the stitches, the blood. We want proof.  We are socialized to...

Toei Hero Net limited Rider X S.H.Figuarts Play Apollo Geist Parent Alert! Strangers Can Cyber Flash Lewd Photos to Kids on iPhones

Parent Alert! Strangers Can Cyber Flash Lewd Photos to Kids on iPhones

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture. This month we’re talking about two sources of danger for children - and what you can do to protect kids! Read on to learn how to prevent cyber...

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